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Model 83 Cage Guided Type Control Valves

Model 83 control valves have cage guided trim, so that these valves provide wide controllability, wide scope of production for reduced port and comprehensive applicability for various conditions of valve.
These valves allow stable control on closing and opening the valve against the thrust of fluid and are available for applications not only general purpose but also controlling high temperature and high pressure for power generation plants and chemical plants. Especially, these valves are suited for low noise application because of the superior noise reduction effect at high load. Compact design, but with high thrust, multi-spring type diaphragm actuator and cylinder type actuator will be applicable to this type.

Model No. 83ACV-S 83BLCV-S
Service Middle Press. High Press.
Valve Size 20mm to 350mm 20mm to 200mm
Pressure Rating JIS 10K to 40K 63K
ASME/JPI 150 to 600 900 to 1500
Max. Temp. +550℃ +550℃
Seat Leakage Ratio 0.01%(Ⅳ) or (Ⅴ) 0.01%(Ⅳ) or (Ⅴ)
Range-ability 50:1 50:1
Bulletin No. MCE-B4306 MCE-B4302