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Model 83ACV-BS, 83-BLCV-BS Seal-Ring Balance Type Cage Guided Control Valve

By adopted Seal-Ring Balance on Valve Plug, this Seal-Ring Balance Type Cage Guided Control Valve realized very limited seat leakage like single seat valves with installing small actuator like double seat valves.
Seal-Ring inserted in Cage, seals the guide clearance tightly between Valve Plug and Cage to prevent the valve inlet pressure comes into the Bonnet. This design makes the outlet pressure comes into the upper and lower side of the Plug and it makes the pressure well balanced. Consequently, small actuator is required to operate the valve.

Model No. 83ACV-BS 83-BLCV-BS
Service Middle Press. High Press.
Valve Size 40mm to 350mm 50mm to 200mm
Pressure Rating JIS 10K to 40K 63K
ASME/JPI 150 to 600 900 to 1500
Max. Temp. +230℃ +250℃
Seat Leakage Ratio 0.01%(Ⅳ) or (Ⅴ as option) 0.01%(Ⅳ) or (Ⅴ as option)
Range-ability 50:1 50:1
Bulletin No. MCE-B4307 Please Contact Us