Kurimoto, Ltd.

Production Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

State-of-the-art supply base answerable to market needs.

Production at the company is for the most part responsive to made-to-order, except for some product lot production. To respond accurately and quickly to these multiple, diverse requests, we have introduced our Company's own independent production management system. We use advanced technical capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities, and continue to provide high-quality products.

The Ohira Plant is the Company's focal point for promoting even more advanced research and development, and production, in response to the needs of a new age. Here, we have brought together all of the Motoyama technology and various know-how to date, to build the "CIM System" for sharing and synthesizing information everywhere from sales to production, and contributing greatly to total productivity improvement through submission of quick sizing and estimates in response to customer needs, and economies of time and expenses in flexible production systems, etc.

In addition, this is a high amenity plant where employees can work in safety and comfort, with enthusiasm and pleasure, and also is a local reconciliation plant that contributes to the happiness of local society.

Major Manufacturing Facilities
Name Quantity Specification
Control Machine
17 Tuming Center Robot
Machining Center 3
Drilling Machine 4 140 x 630(mm) Table Scale
Lathes 26
Vertical Lathe 6 700 x 2000(mm) Table Scale
Milling Machines 4
Drill Presses 36 Dia. 0.1~75(mm)
Planers 3
Tapping Machines 11
Welding Machines 45 Automatic Welding Machine

Testing/Experimental Facilities

Firm quality responds to safety, certainty, and global trust

Our products put quality first. To better respond satisfactorily to customers' advanced demands for creation of solid products without flaw or error, we have built a thorough-going quality assurance system.

Moreover, only those products that can clear various tests based on extensive testing and experimental facilities are delivered to the customer.

Our corporate policy of "Quality first" that has been in place since the Company's founding is expressed in our self-awareness and responsibility as a top corporation.

The Company products are found in all sorts of sectors in Japan and abroad, and utilized in various facilities and equipment. At the present time, we export to more than 90 different countries around the world, and have secured a high market share. This sure quality has won high plaudits internationally.