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Principle & Message from CEO

MOTOYAMA's Principle

Challenges to new fields give rise to epoch-making technologies

Since the inception of MOTOYAMA, our goal has been to control fluids – which a difficult to harness – through reliable technology.

Through our straight responses to the needs of our customers and by steadily honing our tried and tested technologies, throughout the years we have always been at the vanguard in accomplishing highly challenging tasks in a variety of fields.

We take pride in our role in supporting Japanese manufacturing through these activities.

As a result, today MOTOYAMA is established as a global brand participating in projects in many locations around the world.

Most of our work is made-to-order production that resolves highly specialized issues in the business fields of our customers.

Applying our achievements and know-how, it comes natural to us to always take on challenges in new fields.

We will always propose the optimal material, structure, and control system for customers’ new businesses.

We believe that our preparedness to take up new challenges can be of great value especially in fields that are ahead of the times.

Based on our long track record, customers trust us with orders for difficult projects that mark the leading edge of our times.

Customers’ confidence in our solid technologies enables us to venture into new fields that remain closed to others.

We consider the history and tradition of manufacturing to date as the driving energy enabling us to take up the challenges of creating a new world.

As a manufacturing company we are not afraid to dare the entry into new fields.

We will persist in taking up new endeavors each day. And each of them marks the beginning of a next era of MOTOYAMA.

Message from CEO

Technology prowess to deliver the high quality required in the world.
That is the strength of the MOTOYAMA brand.

Chief Executive Officer :Shinobu Shikata

MOTOYAMA is a manufacturer specializing in “fluid” control technology building on know-how accumulated since its founding.

With our high technological capabilities, our customers comprise not only major domestic companies but we are also a partner in large overseas projects.

In addition to our established plant-use regulator and safety valves in the petrochemical and petroleum refining markets, in recent years we have also stepped into new energy and environment-related fields with products used at facilities for polycrystalline silicon for solar cells, PCB detoxification facilities, and bioethanol production plants, etc.

Since the fluid control valves and safety valves for plants in which we specialize fulfill a wide range of performances required by our customers, almost all are manufactured to order.

It is an extremely difficult task for a technician to accurately understand for each project the fluid conditions in a customer’s plant and propose equipment that incorporates the optimal structure, material, and control characteristics.

However, we feel that our work is ever more rewarding the greater the difficulties. We feel ready to take up these challenges because customers place their trust in us.

Our history of over 80 years in manufacturing reflects in our accumulated track record in pioneering new fields. Going forward we will more than ever be able to respond to customer requirements by using the latest technology.

Always maintaining our forward looking stance in manufacturing, we will continue to establish MOTOYAMA as a globally recognized brand.