Kurimoto, Ltd.

Authorizations & Certifications

Authorizations & Certifications

Certification of ISO9001

Control valves, safety valves, industrial facility equipment, and accessories

We are certified by ISO9001 as quality control system, for control valves and safety relief valves, from an order to delivery and related services.

Type-Test Certification of Special Equipment

This certificates are for globe type, butterfly type and eccentric rotary plug type control valves as to meet with the requirements of the Pressure Pipe Components Type Test Regulation in China.

ASME V,UV Stamp Safety Valves

This certificate is for safety valves guaranteed to manufacture safety valves in accordance with ASME code.

V stamp:ASME Sec.Ⅰ for boilers

UV stamp:ASME Sec.Ⅷ for pressure vessels

Certification of SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level to IEC61508 standard)

Control valves used for functional safety applications have acquired SIL3 certifications.

Certified based on High Pressure Gas Safety Law

Certified workshop by the law for high pressure parts.

Equipment type: N valves

JIS(Japan Industrial Standards) certification for explosion-proof products

For control valves accessories.