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Developing High Technology to Meet the Needs in Global Market

MOTOYAMA, for long time, concentrates on “Fluid Control”, by both developing and supplying control valves with the latest technology and always makes challenge to meet future market needs in new fields.

MOTOYAMA is supplying products to more than 90 overseas countries in addition to the domestic market and is taking an active role contributing industrial development to the countries.

MOTOYAMA, a manufacturer of fluid control equipment in process control and automation market, supplies control valves and safety relief valves to mainly petrochemical and oil refining industry. Anticipated performance varies so much to those products depend on plants or applications, built-to-order manufacturing is the basic for each project. Because of such product characteristic, it is important to select and recommend to customer, a product with optimized design, materials and controllability.

From enriched experience, know-how and technical skills, MOTOYAMA is able to offer optimized solution to customer’s flow conditions.

Recent trend is that opportunities to enter a new energy and environmental related market is growing. Specifically, entry to polycrystalline silicon plant for solar cell, PCB detoxification facilities, bio-ethanol manufacturing plant, etc.

MOTOYAMA enhances its fluid control technology, developing more than 80 years, by combining with technologies of parent company, Kurimoto Ltd and provide extensive services to customers.